Craftgawker...I'm in!

Hello lovely people!

I'm so excited!

I recently posted up two pieces to display on Craftgawker.com.

Craftgawker is a ever bigger site that displays handcrafted goods in a gallery type format very similar to Indiespotting (reminds me I gotta go submit there too!). It's gaining a huge amount of popularity as crafters discover it and it's notoriously picky in what it will accept in terms of photographic quality.

Basically, it's an excellent gauge for figuring if your photography is up to scratch...;)

The two items I posted where these:
Rouge Wrap Pendant Necklace
Creme Brulee Necklace

Well, Rouge Wrap is currently on display on the front page of the site!
Here's the individual link:

I would LOVE and appreciate it if any of you were inclined to fav the picture...:)

Creme Brulee is still pending, but I'll be sure to tell you guys if it too gets in. I'm hoping for lots of views and hearts from this!


Christie Cottage on October 29, 2009 at 10:45 PM said...

Congratulations! From what I ahve read in the forums that is a daunting experience adn few have had success!


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