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I've decided Thursdays will be my Etsy-Mini days...;)

Today we have the lovely LindaB142

She's a totally lovely lady and I asked her to briefly talk about herself.

My interest in beading was revived about 4 years ago at a women's meeting where we made beaded ribbon bracelets for a holiday. It's so fun and relaxing to design and bead a piece of jewelry using different colors and shapes of gemstones and glass. I also get into the characteristics of the gemstones and color combinations to enhance: serenity, healing, communication, etc.

I love glass and gemstone pendants and bold colors. I'm learning to make bottlescap pendants and hope to begin designing my own glass tile pendants soon.

Shannon, thanks so much for featuring me.

Enjoy her lovely jewelry!



My blog tends to be a little quiet because I'm so erratic on when I post, and so I never know if someone is actually paying attention out there.

I received the One Lovely Blog Award from three WONDERFUL people and so I now know people ARE reading and enjoying what I have to say and show. That feels so good!

Here are the amazing bloggers who so kindly gifted me with this award:
Linda B

Thank you SO much guys!

Now, I have to pick 15 other blogs...that's going to be hard so here goes!

This blogs are ALL awesome...love lurking on them...hope you like them too!


I'd love to have more votes!

Hello everyone!

I recently became aware of Tim Adam's Etsy Worthy Contest and decided to give it a go...:)

This is the piece I submitted...I LOVE this necklace and I'm happy to be able to shot off this great close-up shot of it...:)

You can vote for Creme Brulee at this entry on Tim's blog.

You can see the other shots for this piece at my Etsy shop here.

If you're interested in seeing all the GORGEOUS entries, you can do that here.



And so it begins...:)

So here is the first post in a slew of posts to come, not necessarily all at one, thank god, but I intend to try and post at least once a day until I'm all updated!

What I have for your viewing pleasure is a piece I just listed. I LOVE this piece...it's so simple and classic yet you can do a bazzilion and one things with it!

It was made using African Turquoise Jasper, Soapstone, wood, glass and some beautiful antique copper findings. The inspiration for this came form a pair of earrings of the same name that i made for a Giveaway a few months back. the winner liked them so much, I thought perhaps others might like to see something similar in necklace form...:)

Here's the link to Verdant up on Etsy

Despite it's simple lines, this piece actually took quite a while to make...almost 2 hours in fact. I had to measure everything just right or it would have appeared lop-sided and would have draped unevenly. I also wanted to make sure the piece was sturdily built without making it chunky so I was careful with the end wire-wraps for the beaded sections. It also took a while to just design the piece seeing as I wasn't sure originally how many beaded sections I wanted. I just knew I wanted the final results to be something that looked delicate and classic that could be used in many different ways. I like to think I succeeded!

Stay tuned for a couple more pieces and a few other tid-bids to start off my posting goals!



Have you ever found yourselves NOT doing what you know you should be doing to march forward on your path to success?

I have the habit of doing that and I am working really hard to just put on my big girl panties and get over it. Easier said that done, but I figured that if I just take those baby-steps, I can do it.

That said, be prepared for a WHOLE slew of things for this blog. I fully intend on making this place interesting and interactive for you to enjoy.

Here are some of the things I am hoping to incorporate or continue:
1- Wonder Wednesday: I'll probably end up renaming this so that it's more descriptive of the whole Giveaway and Interview aspect of the piece. I'll also probably revamp the way I've been doing it a bit so that it's more interesting for you guys. Any name suggestions are welcome, but I think I'll be keeping it on Wednesday.

2- Poster Child Sunday: I'll be renaming this to Super 16 Sunday because, let's face it, the 16 shop items I will feature are super! I'll also be taking a page from Tim Adam's book and making sure that I not only post all 16 items on my twitter, but on my Facebook as I have been doing AND in the Etsy forums which I have not! I'll also streamline this a little and only link to the items in the Poster Sketch. It makes for less linkable text and should be less confusing! I will also probably be able to arrange the links 4 across this way...so less scrolling!

3- Treasuries I made or am in: I will definitely be continuing to show case some of the beautiful treasuries I'm in and the treasuries I am honored to make!

4- New products: I'll definitely still be listing products that I have just listed in my shop.

New things!
5- Etsy-Mini: This is a quick and easy way to showcase some of the EtsySecrets artisans I have been getting to know. I thought it was a GREAT idea when I read about it in the EtsySecrets forums! I may alternate this with one for my EtsyQ team members seeing as they deserve equal showcasing!

6- Moi-meme: A weekly section about myself and the things that are happening around me. This will be separate from my treasuries and Product listings. So far, this blog has been mostly about my shop and my items and so it offers very little about me. I want to get to know you all better and I want you guys to also know the person you are reading about and purchasing from. I will therefore be posting some glimpses into my life and show you guys things that I like and that inspire me. This could be anything. Tutorials on packaging something for gift-giving, crafts I enjoyed making, recipes I loved eating, my cats, my work space, artwork that I am working on, tips I have discovered from who knows where, things that made me laugh, thoughts for that particular day. I definitely want to do this once a week, but I think I will keep when random. I suppose it depends on me managing my time better!

So basically, I have a LOT of catching up to do and so don't be alarmed if you see post after post coming from this blog. I promise it's only temporary and I haven't gone Postal!

Have a FABULOUS day!
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