And so it begins...:)

So here is the first post in a slew of posts to come, not necessarily all at one, thank god, but I intend to try and post at least once a day until I'm all updated!

What I have for your viewing pleasure is a piece I just listed. I LOVE this piece...it's so simple and classic yet you can do a bazzilion and one things with it!

It was made using African Turquoise Jasper, Soapstone, wood, glass and some beautiful antique copper findings. The inspiration for this came form a pair of earrings of the same name that i made for a Giveaway a few months back. the winner liked them so much, I thought perhaps others might like to see something similar in necklace form...:)

Here's the link to Verdant up on Etsy

Despite it's simple lines, this piece actually took quite a while to make...almost 2 hours in fact. I had to measure everything just right or it would have appeared lop-sided and would have draped unevenly. I also wanted to make sure the piece was sturdily built without making it chunky so I was careful with the end wire-wraps for the beaded sections. It also took a while to just design the piece seeing as I wasn't sure originally how many beaded sections I wanted. I just knew I wanted the final results to be something that looked delicate and classic that could be used in many different ways. I like to think I succeeded!

Stay tuned for a couple more pieces and a few other tid-bids to start off my posting goals!


Joyce on June 14, 2009 at 4:09 PM said...

It looks really good! Sometimes the simplest things take the longest to figure out.

Christie Cottage on June 14, 2009 at 10:10 PM said...

Very pretty, as always!

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