Mini Marvels - Mia's Closet

It's Mini-Marvel time! Well, it was yesterday, but I had connection issues because my provider is doing some work in my area.

Have you ever had the urge to find some cute cloths for your pets? To dress them up for special occasions? Well, Mia's Closet is definitely the place to start! She even does bridal and special event clothing for your furry friend...:) Not only is she a talented seamstress, she's a straight-froward and trustworthy friend. You always know that, though she may not say much, what she does say counts and she means it from the heart.

I asked her to share with us and she made a nice little compilation for us:

I hope you enjoy her beautifully crafted pet accessories. I so want a bow for my mom's dog...:)


Sunday Showcase - For the Birds


We're finally back up and running!

Each Sunday Showcase features one item from six wonderful shops based on a predetermined theme.

These lovely people submitted there items nearly a month ago and I happy to finally be able to show them off as they deserve!

Want to have a chance to be selected for a Sunday Showcase? It's really simple!

♥ Check out the current Sunday Showcase thread running in Promos on Etsy to find out the theme for the following week
♥ Comment in the thread if you feel you meet the criteria (or if you want to bump it up for others...;)
♥ Comment on this post and tell me which of the six items is your favorite and why. Don't forget to post your shop URL so I know who is who!

Here's the current thread!

That's all there is to it! Simple, right?

I cannot stress enough the importance of leaving your shop URL and posting in both locations! I see BEAUTIFUL things that end up left by the wayside because those criteria are not followed! Links to your items are fine, but not at the expense of your shop url as they don't tell me right away who you are.

The thread will be open for participation until the Friday of the given week.

All items will be tweeted on my Twitter page and the link to this blog entry posted on my Facebook Fan Page.

Please feel free to follow me/fan me/watch me to keep up with my Features and all I have to offer!

All types of artisan crafts, vintage & supplies are up for consideration (unless stated in the Theme section) so don't be shy!

Stay Natural...Be Sexy Treasury!

Coeurdepierres was lovely and included me in this wonderful treasury full of beautiful neutrals and rich browns...:)

I have another to show you guys, but I left the image at work so I'll be all mysterious until I can upload it for you all to see...:) Alas, I neglected to post these while the treasuries were still running and so no link directly this time!


Mini Marvels - TheEye

It's Mini-Marvel time! Well, many of you are prolly going it's about time! :)

A few months ago, I came across a thread way down in the bowls of the ETC. Forum and the people there were so welcoming that I quickly felt at home...:) Theeye is one of those people. Like her compatriots, she's super sweet and she's also an extremely talented Photographer. I always love coming across Canadian talent and I did in spades with this lovely lady.

I asked her to share a little bit about her perspectives and here's the wonderful things she shared:

Seeing Art in Everything

When Shannon asked me if I would like to be featured on her blog, I thought about what I wanted to share with her readers. I had no guideline to go by, or questions to answer, she just said, talk about whatever you want. So… we’re talking about seeing art everywhere.

Have you ever had somebody say, "Wow, you really have quite an eye for that" ….. I get this comment quite often and I mostly don't understand why. I suppose I think everyone sees things visually the same way I do. This must not be the case, however, as I have shot birds, bugs, flowers, skies and endless other images and upon sharing them with people, comments range from "you gave it a personality" ... "it's so ugly, but you made it look cute" .... "I wouldn't have photographed that in a million years" ... “I would hang that on my wall!” or "I didn't even notice that...."

That last one is probably my favorite. Maybe that's the secret? I notice things. Little things. Often when I watch movies, I'm so caught up in looking at the background, set and the surroundings, that I am not paying attention to the movie at all. Movies in my house must be watched at least twice for that very reason. It’s not that I don’t pay attention. I just pay attention to something other than the story.

Here’s an example of what I mean. A photo of a poppy out in the yard. A simple red flower, a little top heavy... swaying with the wind ... just an average shot, right? Before scrolling down any further, allow the imagination aspect of your organized brain to take control for a sec. Do you really see a poppy?

This particular time, what I saw was not a poppy...an ordinary summer flower ...what I 'saw' was a fish. A flowy goldfishy-koi type of fish.

Poppy Fish

It wasn't that my mind was purposely trying to envision something else, this gorgeous fish is just what appeared to my mind's eye as the images were uploading onto my computer screen ..... Then it was just a matter of applying the right Photoshop skills, so I could share that vision with you. Now any time you see JUST a poppy in the yard:

… someone else might be seeing the beautiful flowing fins of some exotic fish.

Poppy Fish 2


The same principle applies with a lot of my digital photography. I can basically compose what I want my image baseline to be:

And then thru some skills and techniques in Photoshop, I can put into print what my imagination was envisioning:

Pink & Burgundy

Or perhaps I snap this photo...

But in my mind, I’m seeing this finished piece of art...


I'm not talking about seeing the Virgin Mary in a slice of toast, or Michael Jackson's face in a reflection of a cloud, (that would be cool though), but you might just surprise yourself with what is right in front of you.

If you open up that creative channel your brain, the one that lets you daydream freely, your right brain, your inner eye, third eye, your imagination...whatever name you give it, maybe you'll start 'seeing' poppy fish out in the yard, too. They're out there... you'll see. Literally.


I hope you see the little things in her amazing work like I do!


Spring Bloom Treasury!

YAY! I'm back in the saddle! I wasn't able to post of remove spam or anything for almost a week and a half. I swear, it's amazing what you miss when it's gone!

That means that the Sunday Showcase will FINALLY be properly listed on Sunday and I will be continuing my Mini-Marvels series with a lovely young lady who I'm sure you guys are gonna love...:)

Meanwhile, I was able to snag a treasury and I was feeling all Spring-like and so voila! Please click and comment and help these wonderful artisans be seen!

Spring Bloom Treasury

I also learned I'm an alt in this gorgeously tie-dyed treasury by Theeye:
Got One Treasury
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