Merry Christmas!

Hello gang!

I just wanted to be sure to wish you all Happy Holidays and Wonderful Wishes!

To go out with a bang, I nabbed a happy and colorful treasury and I was pleasantly surprised to be told I was also IN a treasury...:D

So here's my fun creation: Strawberry Mint Daiquiri

And I'm in this gorgeous little compilation that is just SO thoughtfully planned!
Appreciation Anthem 4

Enjoy yourselves and I'll see you all after Christmas!


Made in Quebec

I had another opportunity to showcase our now larger EtsyQ Team in a lovely treasury filled with pieces I want...*lol*

Seriously, if I could afford it, these little guys wouldn't have been around for you to see!


Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree....

Or whatever my mother has cooked up...:)

It seems that she took my little threat to heart and concocted something to put presents under...*lol*

That's my mother for me...she always aims to please...:) I told her that if she didn't have a Christmas Tree, I wasn't coming over seeing as it just doesn't feel like Christmas when you wake up to nothing.

It seems, however, that her actual tree is stuck behind bikes, tarpaulins and two feet of snow, so she made an effort and created something else....except she won't tell me what that something is! Fine revenge for her for the little threat I suppose...;)

I'm so looking forward to spending Christmas with her and family...:) I'm making her and my sister a wire-wrapped ring each...the first rings I've ever created. My sister's will be garnet with silver and my mom's is turquoise with copper (seeing as she can't wear silver). I wanted to make my mom's with real gold wire, but at 35$ a foot, I just couldn't afford it. The copper will look great though...so I am happy...:D

So tell me, do you guys have any traditions or people you're looking forward to seeing over the holidays?


Gitter and Gold!

I happened across one of the items in this treasury and they just sparked a total Attack of 80's Cartoons...:D And So I named it after the lovely Jem of Glitter and Gold fame...;)

Of course, it's a tiny bit less tacky...just a bit!

I'll be coming back later with a link to the shops seeing as realized that it's nice you can get to them from the treasury NOW, but once it expires, you're stuck searching for them!

To check out the treasury itself, go here!

One item has sold so far! So exciting!


Holiday Etsy Fest ends tonight at Midnight!

Afterward, everything goes back to regular price so if there's something you've been eying, now's the time to reserve it so that you can still get the sale price!

Check out my shop for more details: Gifted Designs. I've sold 3 pieces so far and I'm ecstatic!

I also received my jewelry boxes today so I'll be able to carefully pack everything that has been purchased and send them off nice and safely to my customers...I'm SO HAPPY about that!

Let's face it, it doesn't take much to make me happy...*lol*

Be well, everyone!


I got to be in three more fantastic treasuries! I'm so honored...especially seeing as I was grouped with some of my favorite Etsiers!

Here are the three of them:
Mardi Gras earrings featured!

Charmony necklace featured!

Quintessence earring featured amongst other fabulous Quebec Talent!

Go check them out and don't forget to comment and click on all the items...the shops deserve to be explored...:)
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