Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree....

Or whatever my mother has cooked up...:)

It seems that she took my little threat to heart and concocted something to put presents under...*lol*

That's my mother for me...she always aims to please...:) I told her that if she didn't have a Christmas Tree, I wasn't coming over seeing as it just doesn't feel like Christmas when you wake up to nothing.

It seems, however, that her actual tree is stuck behind bikes, tarpaulins and two feet of snow, so she made an effort and created something else....except she won't tell me what that something is! Fine revenge for her for the little threat I suppose...;)

I'm so looking forward to spending Christmas with her and family...:) I'm making her and my sister a wire-wrapped ring each...the first rings I've ever created. My sister's will be garnet with silver and my mom's is turquoise with copper (seeing as she can't wear silver). I wanted to make my mom's with real gold wire, but at 35$ a foot, I just couldn't afford it. The copper will look great though...so I am happy...:D

So tell me, do you guys have any traditions or people you're looking forward to seeing over the holidays?


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