New pieces and new treasury

It's been a while since I've showcased my work and so here we go!

I've listed three pieces...one entirely new and two that you may have seen before that weren't listed right away. I am also uploading a pair of earrings that were sold before they ever even made it to one of my shops...*lol* Thankfully, I shot them before they were sold...:)

So I came across these funky, over-sized paperclips while looking for business supplies at my local supply center. I fell in LOVE and had to have them. I knew immediately what I was going to do with them...I just had to find the beads that would go with what I was envisioning...*lol* It took a month, but I DID find the perfect beads and VOILA! A truly unique necklace. Paperclip parade can be found here, the listing for it tells you everything you need to know about materials, length, etc.

I actually made these quite some time ago, but I wanted to be sure that some of the stones in the piece were what it was said they were. Unfortunately, they weren't, but that doesn't detract from how pretty the green Soapstone rondelles are. Besides, how cool is it that a necklace can have soapstone in it! Paired with the Soapstone are Amethyst and Lepidolite as well as large oval Peace Jasper beads. Actually, this whole necklace came about BECAUSE of the Peace Jasper...:) You can find the Lavender Lime Necklace here and the Earrings here. As with everything, the links have all the info you could want. If you have any question though, convo, message or email me...I'd be happy to help! You'll notice that these lovelies are in my Artfire shop. They'll be joined soon with a few more pieces...yay for new ventures!

These little guys were sold before I ever got to list them...*lol* They are made with scrapbooking brads and dyed shell beads. They were super fun to figure out seeing as they required quite a bit of finagling to get the brads to sit right. I'm just really happy that the owner REALLY loved them!

Along with these pieces of mine, I have a treasury and 16 wonderful shops to feature...:D Feel free to comment and click away!

The shops are listed below from left to right, top to bottom including the alternates.
porkchopshow TREASURY ITEM SOLD!

So one item sold so far...weeeeee!
Enjoy all the shops!
*hearts and hugs*


What a month....

I have never in my life had such a FANTASTIC January at the one that is on it's way out. I'm so thrilled with it that I'll miss it...:)

January is my favorite month of the year, purely and simply because my birthday is in it. Usually, my birthday consists of me buying the freshest, most expensive sirloin steak I can find, divinely cooking it for myself and celebrating my birthday with a glorious glass of wine as an accompaniment. As much as I love my birthday and am ridiculously happy on that day, it tends to be spent alone...with that steak...yum...;)

This year was ENTIRELY different. I not only got to celebrate my birthday once at work with my friend Sandra who bought me lunch AND made a purchase in my shop and with some fabulous friends for nearly my whole birthday weekend, I got to celebrate it yet again last weekend...:D My group of girlfriends got together for our monthly girl's night in and, seeing as two of us are January Babies, we decided to go out and fancy it up...:D We had a BLAST and my wonderful girlfriends managed to HUGELY surprise me by presenting me with a brand new camera.

If you have Facebook, I highly entourage you to go check out the tagged photos of me because my reaction is priceless...:D I had the entire restaurant staring at us and the waiters running over to see if we were all right...*LOL* Shock does not even begin to cover how I was feeling. I cannot tell you how extremely grateful I am to these girls who are rapidly becoming family to me...:) They are SO supportive of what I do...they bought the camera becuase they know I didn't have one and that I needed one to be able to stop using the work camera and photograph my pieces at home. How cool is that??!!?? The only other times I remember reacting so strongly to gifts was when my friend Sal bought me my CD player WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back when and when my best-friend Kris bought me my awesome drawing tablet. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends...it constantly makes me wonder just how good I was in a past life to deserve them all!

Ok, I'll stop gushing now...*lol* I'm still on a high, as if you couldn't all tell...:)

I've got a whole lot of things to post soon seeing as I've been remiss in posting my pieces. I've finally purchased a bust so I'll even be able to shoot my jewelry so you can see how it falls...isn't that awesome!

So tell me how YOUR month has been. Did you make any resolutions for the year? Did you accomplish something you wanted to do, try something new or make an important decision?

I'm looking forward to learning of your responses!

Don't forget to go check out Handmadeology.com...it opened it's doors today...so exciting!



Have you ever been stumped on what to do for your Etsy shop in terms of advertising, or spiffing it up? Have you asked yourself 'What do the successful shops DO to get themselves out there?!'?

I know I certainly have. Though I have made use of several networking sites, I still feel like I have a LOT to learn when it comes to promoting my shop and my jewelry. After all, we're all competing with each other for the clientele and there's SO much beautiful choice out there!

Last year, while wandering through the Etsy forums, I came across a fellow Etsian who not only creates absolutely gorgeous work, but also goes out of his way to help other Etsy shops get out there.

His shop name is so recognizable that I'm sure you won't be surprised when I refer to TimothyAdamDesigns...:)

Timothy has been promoting other shops as well as his own like mad for quite some time now and to take it even further, he's now starting a brand new website geared towards teaching us the tricks to the trade so that WE can get the same kind of traffic that he has as well as the same success. You gotta love someone who's that selfless with his time!

Handmadeology.com will be launching any day now and I can't tell you how excited I am about it! I highly recommend that you go and give it a quick look-see and then BOOKMARK IT so that you can keep going to it over and over again! I am not at ALL afraid to promise you that this site will be one of the most valuable online tools you'll ever come across to get your shop to where you want it to be. I also recommend signing up for his newsletter...it's so nice to get things no one else will get...;)

Timothy is having a sweet promotion over at his blog...it's a great way to get some free advertising for your shop for what will be a site FILLED with traffic...:) I have a feeling I'll be promoting this site for a LOT longer than necessary for his promo.

So go ahead and click! :D


January Treasury

So in honor of my birthday and all the birthdays happening in January, I chose to create a lovely treasury swathed in beautiful, deep Garnet...:)

Here are their shops in order from left to right, top to bottom, including alternates:

I chose to showcase the shops because they all have fabulous things and everything should be looked at...:)

Here's the link to the actual treasury: Garnet Grace

I am also privileged to have been put into a wonderfully fun treasury listed here!

Enjoy looking everything over!


Happy Birthday to moi! :D

It's ma party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to!

Thankfully, I don't want to cry...well, unless we're talking tears of happiness...*lol*

I've been having a wonderful birthday so far. My mother is mailing my gift seeing as I won't be going up to see her for a little while, I've gotten a GORGEOUS pink flower form my friend at work and she's treating me to lunch, I've received 100$....it's a good year...*lol*

Add to that, I'm going to spend the evening, night and morning with some fantastic friends and I get to celebrate my birthday with one of them who's also a January baby...it's our way of celebrating together...:)

This year really is MY year...I'm very determined to get everything I want going gone so that I can be successful in my new endeavor AND in my personal life. I even made a vision board for my long-term goals...:)

I've got a special offer for those of you who read my blog or check out my Facebook page...:) In celebration of my birthday, I'm offering a 10% reduction for any purchase from my Etsy shop...:D It's my way to share my fabulous day with all of you!

Be well and enjoy your day!


First treasury of the New Year and it's BANGING...:D

I LOVE drama and so, seeing as I'm feeling so fantastic so far this year, I decided to go dramatic with my first treasury of the New Year in choosing this set, which I had made a while ago! I just happened across the treasury at the PERFECT time...so I was definitely meant to have a slot! Here's the link to the treasury!

So here are the items and the lovely artists who made them. They are in order from left to right, top to bottom including the alternates!

riskybeads: Mermaid Autopsy
decadentdesigns: The Metropolitan Invitation
traceemurphy: Big Poppy Original Watercolor
meringueshop: Sushi wristlet SOLD!
jazzycattaji: Bracelet in Aqua, Black and Red
KaleidoscopeStyle: Embroidered Fireworks Felt Necklace
blockpartypress: Tree Hugger Dangle Earrings
jenjems: Opposition
gamiworks: glass tile magnet set
newvintage: Black White and Red All Over Sterling Rope
MonkeyBlues: At The Pole Fused Glass Pendant
ThePendantFactory: Scrabble Tile Pendant - Sakura Blossoms SOLD!
JessicaDoyle: The Nameless Ones... no.1 (5x5 print)
maryjudy: red and turquoise dish
PicturesofLily: I Can See For Miles Gift Tags - set of 6
fieldofroses: Sunglass Eyeglass Case SOLD!

Enjoy and go visit the shops...some items are already sold, but they have plenty more to see!



The title says it all...:) So new year, new year's resolutions and new beginnings.

Though I thought I wouldn't have the time, I DID make a few pieces of new jewelry and I can't wait to show them to you all!

Christmas was a jewelry Christmas for me this year...:D My mother got me MUCH needed storage, my sister got me some beautiful display pieces for my more delicate work and earrings, I got new phones from my best friend so I could actually communicate with people without wanting to strangle myself with the phone wire form all the static and another of my beautiful friends gave me STUNNING onyx tea light holders.

What more could a gal ask for...:D My mother and sister's rings still aren't completed as I never received my wire in time...hopefully, those will be sitting at work waiting for me next Monday so I can get the rings going. I DID present them with the stones I chose and they LOVED them...:D

So be well in all that you do...it's a new year and a fresh start. HAPPINESS ALL AROUND!
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