Craftgawker x 2

YAY again! My second submission was also accepted! I'll have to remember to do this every month...*lol*

Here's the link: http://craftgawker.com/post/2009/10/30/7274/

Favs and gawkings are appreciated...:D

In other news, I also submitted a piece to Indiespotting and decided to take part in their Gift Guide this year. 5$US is really inexpensive and the more places I am, the bigger it will be.

The IndieNorth Gift Guide should be up and running tomorrow! So excited about that! It should be hugeeee!

A Black Friday to Cyber Monday and maybe even Payday Tuesday sales event is also in the works on Etsy. You can find out more about that and participate here: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6331957&page=1

There are a LOT of pages, but I highly recommend they all be read if you want to contribute some input into the affair...:)



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