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It's Mini-Marvel time once again! Nothing like starting fresh with some amazing artisans!

I've always loved photography and I was pleased to come across the work of a fellow Montrealer. Bomobob has been around the block some and is a well known photographic entity in our fair city...:) Not only is he a talented gent, he's also a hilarious one and I have been privileged to get to know him.

I asked him to give us a little perspective on what makes him tick:

Somewhere there’s a photo of me at the age of about 5 or 6, at Upper Canada Village. In it, I have a 127 camera hanging from my wrist on a strap. It may be a Kodak Brownie, but I seem to recall it may have been green, which would probably mean it was an Imperial. I know that photo is around here somewhere, because it was always hanging in the stairway when I was growing up.

I guess that’s when it began. I was always fascinated by the idea of being able to freeze single moments in time and save them to look at over and over. Not just people, but places, events. Sure, that’s what photography is all about, but I caught the bug early on.

The local supermarket used to give out bonus stamps, and you’d stick them into booklets until you had enough to trade them in for something from their catalog. For me, it was Kodak Instamatic X-15, which I still use regularly.

I sometimes feel like I’m still back in that era, as most of my 60 or so cameras are from that period. I like the bad optics, the vignetting, the false colour…what’s referred to now as “vintage look”. And yes, I’m obsessed with carnivals, as they also take one back to a time of innocence and false colour and faded memories.

I tend not to travel light when it comes to cameras. There’s almost always one old twin-lens reflex camera for doing TTV photography, a Polaroid, a Holga, an Instamatic, and usually any one of a number of small 35mm rangefinders, along with either a film or digital SLR. And a tripod.

I hope you enjoy his gorgeous photography as much as I do. I have a calendar at home which I LOVE flipping through...:)


newhopebeading on August 9, 2010 at 8:43 PM said...

Beautiful shop and he is always so helpful in forums with photography advice!

Gifted Designs on August 9, 2010 at 11:09 PM said...

He's wonderful for advice...he helped me learn more about my work camera and I honestly think my new pics are MUCH better...:D

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