Interesting things!

Hi guys and gals! I hope you're all having a fun creative day! I'm feeling creative for jewelry, but I am at work and so I have to bottle it up for later...:D I'm crazy enough to have brought my tools to work and so I shall play jewelry over lunch...;)

So...some things that have been going on...:D

1- I got a treasury! Taken a look here and go clicking away!
Here's a screen cap for you guys...it's so nice and colorful. PERFECT for if your stuck with cold and gloom outside!

2- I became a member of the FABULOUS EtsyQ Street Team! I'm so flattered that I was accepted and I had my first chat with them. It was brief but fun and I was nervous for NOTHING...:D My French needs some serious improving though!

3- I have about 4 different pieces in progress and I'm not progressing! I need to get a move on!

4- I bought colored paper and brought some props to work. I intend on retaking ALL my pictures for my items! I know, I'm nuts! Thank GOD I don't have THAT many!

5- I need to clean my house...badly.

6- I need to buy cat food. My girls were giving me the evil eye this morning! It's not MY fault that Jessie ate what you two left behind!

7- I need to set a goal and make a goal poster. I think it'll help envision what needs envisioning and get me on the right track to start my business RIGHT...:) I also need to go and try to register my business name!

8- I need to finish my two commission!

9- I need to join Flickr, Google Groups and the Unique Women in Business yahoo group!

So that's just a few things that are running around in ma brain right now...O_o
Tell me what's going on with all of you?
Do you have projects that need doing?
Are you putting them off?
If so, why?
Is there anything you're excited about?



carli on October 30, 2008 at 11:36 PM said...

That's an awesome looking treasury. I did a monkey-themed one last week and it was not pretty at all. I love those LEGO earrings.

Gifted Designs on October 31, 2008 at 9:51 AM said...

So do I! They are in a purchasable slot right now...;)

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