So much stuff going on!

Wow...it's been one of those weeks!

So much has been going on and I haven't really been able to update much of anything!

Firstly, seeing as I don't think I really emphasized it, I'm now an extremely proud member of the EtsyQ Street team! It's a Team dedicated to seller from around Quebec and it's actually getting me to practice my French...*LOL*

Currently, the team is hosting an AMAZING Giveaway for the Holidays. Seriously! It's 215$ worth of goodies! Click on the banner below to go and check out what's up on offer. I'm SURE you're going to LOVE everything! I know I do!

Go! Go! Go! it's so easy to participate...:d There are instructions in both English and French, so people should be able to join easily...:)

Secondly, I posted a new item...XD It's a gorgeous necklace and so far, I've had really positive feedback from people for it!

I would LOVE your feedback on my new style of photograph. I am personally loving it way more than the plain white background, but I'm not the one who'll be buying it...so if you could tell me what you think in comparison to the other photos in this blog, it would be HUGELY appreciated!

I find the new photographs totally play up the assets of each piece and the photos themselves actually look like they took effort and that i find the pieces to be worth that time and effort. The only thing I'm still missing is the display picture so people can see how it hangs, but I'm hoping to rectify that next week...:)

Thirdly, I won a cool contest! The wonderful Pam from Cleopatra's Closet had a little contest running for this ring and I won! YAY! I can't WAIT to wear it...isn't it beautiful? Go give her some love and maybe YOU can win something gorgeous like that too!

Next, I made a Flickr account...:D It's not really ready yet seeing as I'm still editing all the shots I took of my jewelry. Yes, I was crazy enough to retake shots of ALL my jewelry! I'll be putting those up to showcase on Flickr as well as everywhere else. I'm hoping they will intrigue people a LOT more than my old shots!

What else...oh yeah! I'm in the process of selling the Peacock Pearl necklace and earrings set! I'm SO EXCITED about that. It's my first sale to someone I don't know IRL...:) She's excited too!

Now, if only I could figure out why Spellcheck just doesn't want to work in this window when it has no problems anywhere else...*lol*

Have a fantastic day and don't forget to go visit all the places I linked to above!


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