New items!

As I've said, I've been a busy little bee and so I posted three new pairs of earrings this evening for you to enjoy...:D

I made these delicate and lovely pair of earrings with rose quartz and sterling silver. The rose quartz was given to me as a gift from a supplier on Etsy. They are simple in design, but I'm sure they'll still grab some attention and will get people talking...:)

Yet another set in which the makings were a gift. All the beads were given to me by a fabulously wonderful friend. I names them chime because when I picked them up, they looked like the chimes you see on porches that float about in the wind.

Now these I had a BLAST making. They totally made me think of being in new Orleans during Mardi Gras. They are bright, loud, flirty...pretty much an extension of me...;) I really do love them!

I sold two pairs of earrings this week to my best-friend. These amethyst, pearl and silver earrings where actually designed specifically for her, but she turned around and surprised me by wanting to purchase my Black Currant earrings! I was more than happy to hand them over. They'll be going to a good home!

So far, I have 6 pieces of jewelry sold. I'm really proud of myself and I can't wait for everything else I've made to find a home.

Aside from all these, I still have three jewelry sets to list (a total of 7 items), a set in the works and a lot more ideas rummaging about.

I'd love to know what YOUR favorite piece of jewelry is and if it's a OOAK handmade piece or if it was purchased at a jewelry store.

Feel free to share with me! if enough people comment with an answer to my questions, I might just do something fun for you all...;)


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