New listing...It's a goody!

I posted a new listing today in my Etsy store: Agate Astray

It's a beautiful, classic necklace with unusually shaped and sized agate stones. I paired the agate with some beautiful deep burgundy mookaite beds and contrasted the whole thing with silver instead of gold or copper...:D

Tell me what you think of it. I know I LOVE it...it's light, it's pretty and when I tried it on for size, it made me feel like a fantastic Jewelry Designer and an all around successful diva...;D

I also nabbed a bunch of Project Wonderful spaces and I'm going to try Facebook again.

It was kind of weird on Facebook...I learned that people don't go on Facebook much over weekends...*lol* I got ONE click on Sat & Sun...but THIRTY-FOUR on Monday alone...so I'll try and create a more eye-catching ad and try different days to see which works best for me.

Today was a really quiet day at work...I managed to finish some projects, but some were seemingly already done before I got to them...so I'm a little confused. Mind you, a state of confusion isn't exactly surprising when it comes to me...but still...*lol*

I'm going to be going out with a friend tonight and I might drop by the craft store to grab some beads...XD We'll see how we're both doing time-wize!

In the comming weeks, I'll be posting a blog or two or three with Coupon Codes in them. Stay tooned and you migth get the chance for a discount! YAY! Who doesn't love a good sale!


cutcopycreate on October 24, 2008 at 5:34 PM said...

love the irregular shapes! well done.

Leila Marvel on November 13, 2008 at 2:07 PM said...

Wow what a lovely combination! Love those stones too.

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