Wow...I got a few things done!

Though none of it was jewelry...*lol*

I'm actually waiting for a whole lot of findings seeing as I've pretty much run out of everything! Next Thursday, I'll be going out to buy a lot of stuff for my Casual Collection as well...:) I'll be able to make more things to offer differing price points...:D

So I went around and revamped all my branding on the sites I'm on to include my hot pink... I find it stands out a lot more than just the aqua. I also started making Project Wonderful ads. I'm hoping those will help people find me so they can be wearing my products...such an exciting prospect!

I'm feeling much better now...I was a little discouraged because my Facebook ad has netted me THOUSANDS of impressions (how many people SEE the ad) but so far, only 1 person actually clicked on my ad!

I'm not a quitter though. I'm sure I'll find a formula that works on Facebook soon enough...:D

To help me feel better, I did the revamp and made myself a FABULOUS fried-egg sandwitch with strong cheddar and ketchup on stone ground whole wheat bread. MAN was it ever good! I also made myself a simple smoothie with strawberries, peaches and plums in orange juice. I'm actually going to try my best to have a smoothie a day. That way, I'll definitely have more fruits in my diet!

I'm DETERMINED to actually start my exercises on Monday...I swear, if I don't, I never will! I've basically been told that it's either I lose weight, or I become diabetic...ick! As much as I like myself just as I am, Diabetes is no joke and I already have enough to deal with with Hypergycemia! It was suggested that I get down to 125-130lbs and I think that's crazy....I don't look anywhere NEAR my weight now so I will look SKELETAL at that weight! I told the doc that I would go to 140lb max and he said that was better than what I'm at now so he was OK with it. So that leaves me with 35lbs to lose. I'm actually worried about losing my curves...I like them!

So you all have my permission to kick me in the ass if I don't get up at 6am tomorrow! *lol*

HA!...my oldest gal is sprawled on teh bed and snoring...XD I need ot get a camera so I can spam this blog with kittie photos!


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