The weekend was productive!

So I made 4 different things this weekend...XD Mind you, one piece is still missing it's toggle clasp, but I should be getting that soon enough. Meanwhile, I'll be checking out the shots I took of the other three pieces and I'll be posting them soon...yay!

I am also going to be finishing up my business card for Gifted Designs as well as my code coupons. I will be sending them out for goody bags to a lady nice enough to be asking for them. Probably will make about 50 or so for her...so we'll see what happens from that!

Speaking of code coupons....stay tuned to this very blog to get YOUR chance at a special deal! With the holidays coming, people are already out looking for that special something. What's more special than a unique, handmade piece of jewelry! I don't know yet which days I will be posting up my special code coupon, but it'll definitely be more than once...:D

So keep watching!


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