New treasuries and FP!

Hi gang! I've been lucky in treasuries lately...:)

I was happy to be told of two more lovely treasuries I'm currently in but I haven't had a chance to show them off! Alas, they are both almost over, but you can still go and check them out for the next 6 and 9 hours...;)

My Lavender Lime necklace is featured in this lovely set-up by TheMayFlower. It's a really cute set-up and I think my necklace looks great next to all those fab items...:)

Bye Bye Miss American Pie Treasury

I was also placed as an alternative item in this pretty selection by noabrumberg who makes absolutely ADORABLE plushies and who is one of the brains behind Craftomania, a really cool toolbar for everything you could possibly need for Etsy and more...:) This particular selection was highlighted on the Front Page and, according to my friends over at the New & Improved Whiners thread, my alt item was put up on the FP for a little while...:D YAY! Alas, I can't find any screen caps with me in them and I wasn't on-line at all, but I am still happy that this made it for everyone else shown too!

FT Craftomania Bloggers Treasury

Feel free to click and comment where & while you still can...:) So excited to know that I am being found!


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