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It's Mini-Marvel time!

AnvilArtshop is just one of those shops that delights all the senses and it's run by a super cool lady who also happens to be a fellow Canadian...:) She's so talented and all her pieces have a unique, high quality appeal. Definitely someone who inspires me!

If you love fabrics, she also runs a beautiful shop full of vintage and unusual textiles: TextileJunkies

I asked her to tell us a little about herself:

I wear a lot of hats these days: clothing designer, leatherworker, metalsmith... I love creating something classic, but with an unexpected twist!

My favorite professor taught us that one of the hardest design principles is to keep things simple -- words I try to live by. When you have limited tools to express your design -- whether it's only two seams on a garment, only two pieces of metal, or only two textures of leather and suede -- then each element must be perfect. Precisely what you need, to create precisely what you want.

Sounds a little -- uptight, to put it nicely! -- but it's what I do best, and thankfully my clientele seems to agree. :) Creating custom designs for diplomats, CEOs, and politicians for the past 18 years has definitely been a challenge, as no two pieces could be alike... ever.

I'm always seeking new skills to add to my design work: textile dyeing, leather carving, welding, even blacksmithing fascinates me -- although I doubt I'll be allowed to practice that one in the house! As I believe that the day you stop learning is the day you should just keel over and quit, I hope to be exploring this path for years and years to come... hmmm, pass me that blowtorch, would you?

The texture to be found in her shops is just so fun I wish I could run my fingers over everything to experience it all in person!


Christie Cottage on January 7, 2010 at 9:14 AM said...

Wonderful feature!

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