So much going on!

So bear with me...I have a feeling I'm going to be posting 2 or 3 posts because there are just too many things that I have to talk about...:D

Last weekend, Montreal had the pleasure of having three of Etsy's execs come on up for a visit.


Silly me brought a camera, but in my excitement, i completely forgot to take a single shot...*lol* I got to not only meet some amazing artisans, but I got to meet up with some of my team member,s reconnect with old acquaintances and be introduced to an AMAZING little boutique featuring all kinds of hand-made goodies!

In fact, there was a GREAT Storque Article written up about the experience which you can find here: Canadian Meet-up

If you scroll down in there, there are two pictures from the Montreal Crew. The first is the entire room and then there's a pic of the fantastic members of Team EtsyQ! It was SO neat to see those pictures up where a ton of people could see them and I was even more flattered to see my Redded Bliss Necklace sitting alongside other shops' gorgeous items in the related links! If you're curious, I'm the dark-haired hot mama with the black, white, red and gold v-neck top...;)

What was fun about the experience is that before we even got there, my fellow team mates and I got to chat and reconnect a little and talk about the team and some of our ideas. I'm looking forward to expanding on those ideas soon!

Then, once we got there, we were greeted with yummy croissants and pastries and juice and we all got right down to talking with Sara, Chad and Liz.

It was great to see just how passionate everyone is about Etsy and it was nice to see some of the faces that are working so hard to bring Etsy up to the standards we all what it to be at!

So many ideas and subjects were discussed. We talked about Guest Checkout and that pesky little USD sign and how they are going to make it more visible with plans for being able to list multiple currencies in the future. There were questions about reorganizing our own shops as well as ideas of better shipping options to account for shipping rates cross country. Flagging and tags and more in depth profiles with photo and even video options were also discussed as well as how we could improve the usability of the front page so that it was more seller AND buyer friendly. We also talked a lot about the possibility of off-site advertising for Etsy itself.

It was a really lively discussion and I have to admit that I was so excited that my mouth was motoring away and I even got to talk about EtsyQ and our purpose....god forbid I should shut up sometimes! Thankfully, one of my team members was kind enough to calm me down and get me to think of everyone else who ALSO wanted their ideas to be heard...:D

All in all, it was a GREAT experience and I really hope they get to come up and say hi again and maybe we can all celebrate the manifestation of some of the ideas we were so passionate in putting forward!

If you're in the Montreal area, you have GOT to go visit The Gallery & Boutique Headquarters: http://hqgalerieboutique.blogspot.com/
It's a really great shop stuffed with gorgeous pieces of handmade clothing, jewelry, hair accessories, cool books and great art all in a beautiful little shop! A definite must-see and the owner is a doll! She has her own Etsy shop here: Norwegian Wood

I'm so glad I went!


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