Poster Child Sunday! WHIMSICAL

HappyElephantDesigns: Four squared Love button card
frogbowler: lavender Indian moccasins
JeweledElegance: Pompadour Earrings
collaborations: Time to Shine
lindab142: Sale - Purple Dot Pink Tourmaline Pendant Set
CustomKids: Princess Apron
FatTabbyWoolens: French Press Cozy--Sweet Fair Isle
biancadenise: 6/365
JainaBee: Funky Aqua Turquoise Stripes Lucky Stars
birdhouseaccents: Primitive Birdhouse Chickadee Purple Pink Yard Garden Songbirds Cute
melaniehazen: Empty Bowl Bracelet- Copper and Sterling Silver
Wenderwoman: Sterling Silver Purple Pyramid Earrings
whimsywingsandthings: Set of three (3) cute and fun japanese style fortune cookie plushies
Huggermugger: Button Burst Sachet -- Cinnamon
dahliasoleil: Rose Heather and Pink Mary Jane with Cameo Buttons

It's amazing how searching for that special item that will fit in the theme for a Poster Sketch can really make someone feel better...:) I decided to be a rebel and NOT let this whateveritisIhavethatsbeenplaquingmefortwoweeks get me down and prevent me from posting this week's Poster Child Sunday. After all, my readers are looking forward to it! (I hope *lol*) In an effort to thumb my nose at my aching body, I decided to go cheerful and fun and so here you have Whimsical!

I'll be tweeting, contacting all the shops unless they discover themselves first and comment, spreading the word in the Etsy Forums, on Facebook, on Deviantart and where ever else I can think of in the next few days. What can you do? Do the same thing...:) Blog about it. Get people to come and take a look. Tweet about it! Post it on your Etsy Shop Announcements. Any way you can get people over to come and admire your gorgeous pieces would be FANTASTIC! Who knows, maybe they would like to be featured too!

If you happen by, comment and/or follow me! I'd love to know what you love about the collection this time around and I'd also love to be able to start recognizing your name when you post...:)

I'm off to make myself some soothing tea and relax. Don't worry, I WILL be promoting this lovely collection of items!

As always, enjoy!


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