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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a necklace and earring combo and in the time it took me to leave home and get to work, the necklace along with another listed at the same time were sold! gotta love it when that happens!

This is the necklace that lasted all of an hour in my shop...*lol* A coworker of mine had seen it on me along with my contest piece, Sun Shower and fell in love with them. They look GREAT on her too! OH! I didn't get to tell you all that Sun Shower won it's category...YAY! I keep forgetting to contact the young lady who's going to make me a stamp on DA and I'm supposed to be featured in many journals on DA....exposure is always good!

The Saturn necklace and earring have beads all made from glass. I had seen a piece at the bead shop I frequent that was a similar design. it looked challenging to do and so I decided to make something similar. it did end up giving me a challenge because I wanted to beads on each side to be in the same place...:) It was a really fun piece to make and it makes me happy that the beads that I bought through my Mom's Birthday Gift-certificates to the bead shop have found a good home...:D

That said, the earrings are still up for grabs!

They are fun and dangly and flirty...I love the way they catch the light!

In other news, Poster Child Sunday is tomorrow, but it'll be later in the night that it'll be up and running seeing as I'm off to my Mom's this weekend and she's got no computer or internet. It WILL be up though! I have a TON of new names to go through and so many pieces to be inspired by! THANK YOU to everyone who's interested!

Don't forget that Wonder Wednesday is still going...it's the post right below this one, so get going! That pendant will be off the shelf and into someone else's hands unless you give it a shot...you gotta be in it to win it! :D

Have yourselves a FANTASTIC weekend!


Tha BossMack TopSoil on April 7, 2009 at 2:14 PM said...

Very Nice Babygurl

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