Treasury time!

Hello again!

So you'll notice that Poster Child Sunday was never posted and Wonder Wednesday won't be posted either.

The reason is because the list I created with all the poeple who are interested in participating has somehow gotten corrupted and so now i have to go back and recollect ALL the names and then gather all the info for the people I have already featured.

Seeing as compiling the list took some time to begin with, methinks this isn't going to be a quick job to redo and so until it's done, both features have to wait a little while...:( Hopefully, I'll be done compiling again by Sunday, but I make no guarantees...life has a habit of happening!

Now, enough melancholy and on to the good stuff!

I managed to nab a treasury spot this week purely by chance and I was honored to see that one of my Team mates over at EtsyQ was sweet enough to include me in HER treasury this week. I also completely forgot to showcase another EtsyQ member's lovely treasury and so I shall do so...:D

Here goes!

My treasury was inspired by a friend of mine who's eagerly awaiting to be married come summer...:) Nothing like a White Wedding to get you singing the wedding chant!

These are the two treasuries that I was featured in. They were made by JulieWebb, an AMAZING Photographer, and Suza, a crocheter of UNIQUE talents! Go check out their shops!


Anonymous said...

OK i just love looking at treasuries. That white one is so nice.

Sarahkate on April 9, 2009 at 1:44 PM said...

Just beautiful picks for these treasuries. I love them all!

Suzanne Charlebois on April 15, 2009 at 1:21 PM said...

Wow! thanks to include my treasury of our Etsy Québec team.
De belles créations!!!

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