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My lovely friend Linda asked me to give my followers a heads-up for her team's event coming up.

I'm sure it'll be a really fun event to participate in and so if you want more info, just head on over to this blog post on her blog:



Flooding Part Deux

Hi again gang,

Well, it seems my flooding situation isn't going to be as cut and dry (ha ha) as I thought it would be.

Why do people always put money over other people's health?

It was explained to me by the cleaning company I contacted that because the water went under the floorboards and under the bathroom, it is very likely that the apartment is now contaminated and mold is likely. Also, the water was not clean water...so there could be bacteria and other nasty things under the floors.

Despite being explained this, my landlord chose to do the bare minimum...basically, a disinfectant spray was sprayed, humidifiers that purify the air and remove as much water as possible were brought in and then everyone went home. They didn't even get to clean the floors of the crap that had gotten stuck on them. How in heaven am I supposed to believe that my apartment is now sanitary when there is still dust, crap and who knows what else stuck to my floors? Oh, did I forget to mention there's still brown goup on and in my toilet? But I'm supposed to believe it's all clean and I can move back in???

I am now being forced to move forward and try and get my landlord to do the work he should be doing to ensure the health of his tenants as he's actually obliged to do based on the lease. I have been forced to abandon my apartment and so he'll be sent a letter stating such and asking him to contact me within a specified amount of days to discuss the true clean-up of my place...if he refuses to do anything else, I will have to go through the Rental Board to force his hand. I am not risking my health or the health of my girls just because this will cost him money. Had he fixed what the Insurance told him to fix in the first place the first time the apartments flooded over 5 years ago (before I moved in), he wouldn't be having to pay out of pocket to begin with.

Needless to say, I am stressed, slightly depressed, feeing displaced and am missing my gals something aweful. I have not been able to create or do much of anything seeing as I have been able to bring very little with me and I don't have much room. As grateful as I am to my brother and his dad for putting me up, I really miss my own personal space...:(

Wish me luck in all of this. I'm not a confrontational person and so this is a big thing for me.

Hope everything is great with all of you!



Hi guys,

As you know, I had started a mini-Etsy feature and was getting ready to relaunch my two other features as well as a host of other things.

Unfortunately, my basement apartment was flooded Wednesday night with sewer water and so I have to get my girls, the furniture that can be saved as well as myself out so the cleaners can come and whatever is damaged can be removed and replaced.

I may be gone a week or a month...no one can really tell me how long the process is going to take.

My jewelry is coming with me as is my computer, but I am not sure I'll be able to connect everything to get it up and running...especially seeing as my main drive needs to be replaced and is acting strangely...fun fun for me! :)

Happily, the only item I lost in this mess is my lovely sofa which I will have to replace. Everything else is high up and so wasn't affected beyond the legs which can be disinfected. I can be very thankful that my basement is quite high and so the flooding wasn't as bad as it was in other buildings where the basements really were basements.

My sister has my cats and I will be staying with my brother, so no boarding costs there and my landlord generously offered the use of one of the vacant apartments upstairs to store my furniture, so no depot costs either...thank God!

So a sofa, bus fair and food is all I'll be having to pay out of pocket. Kinda funny that I was going to get my house insurance on Monday but forgot due to getting caught up at work. Ah well...lesson learned!

So basically, I hope you will all stick around even though I may not have much chance to come and talk with you or show off those features which are coming up, but I promise as soon as I'm resettled, I'll head you all off with a bang!

Be well and I hope the American's amongst you are have a FABULOUS 4th of July!
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